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The One That I Love


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Ooh, Ooh, ooh, ooh,
The One that I love
Is leading the way
He’s holding my hand
By night and by day
Until I reach o’r
There with Him to stay
I know that He’ll keep me
So, I’ll just kneel and pray.

The one that I love
Is loving me in return
And it starts a flame in my heart
That forever will burn
And until that great day
I’ll see Him above
I’ll keep on prayin’, prayin’, prayin’
And be lead by His amazing love.

He will not forsake me
When troubles overtake me
His loving hand is leading from above
I know that He will take me
Completely over make me
And place me in the way that leads above
While I’m crossing (while I’m crossing)
Dark, chilly Jordan (dark, chilly Jordan)
My soul will be happy
With the one that I love.

Repeat Chorus

The one that I love.

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