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Stuff Of Life


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Two bikes and a football in the driveway
A couple of cap guns dropped on the front porch
Matchbox cars and skateboards in the kitchen
Green army men piled by the bedroom door

I stepped across a catcher’s mitt, leaned in to kiss my wife
We both smiled and laughed about
All the stuff of life

Gotta write a check for next week’s field trip
One for this year’s fifth new pair of tennis shoes
We just found that one is needing glasses
The other’s braces go on in a month or two

These days being family really comes at quite a price
Such are the times that we live in
For all the stuff of life

More than all these things I want to give them
All that I work so hard to provide
What I want for them to have the most is
What matters most and that is what’s inside

May they have peace, no matter what, I’ll love them
May it give them strength in these uncertain days
May they have dreams that fill their lives with purpose
Full of joy and hope from living life with faith

But most of all may their hearts burn with passion to serve Christ
‘Cause more than all these other things
That’s the stuff of life

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