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Some will say it’s foolish
Some that it’s absurd
But still we choose to build our lives
Upon God’s holy Word
We know It’s always perfect
We trust It in all things
It’s holy and It’s right
So whatever this life brings

We stand on what is timeless
We stand on what is true
We stand up unashamed
No matter what the world may do
We stand upon this rock
Spoken by the Lord of all
And though other lives built on sand may fall
We stand

It may not be in fashion
It may not be in vogue
But when we look at empty lives
All around we know
We could live pursuing power
Thinking pleasure satisfies
God’s light cuts through the shadows
Revealing they’re just lies

Let us trust His every word
Resisting every wrong
Let us read It and believe It
It’s our only hope for standing strong

Repeat Chorus

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