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Passing The Faith Along


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Passin’ the faith along to my brother;
Passin’ the faith along
Helpin’ to build the faith of another,
Passin’ the faith along
Sharin’ the word of hope with my brother,
Helpin’ to make him strong
Passin’ the faith along to my brother,
Passin’ the faith along

The runner of the relay
Finds in his baton; the purpose for the runnin’
And strength to carry on
We hold within our grasp the faith that makes us strong
Like a relay runner, we seek to pass it on

Countless generations of saints have come and gone
The spark ignites as an ember fades and the faith continues on
The challenge to the young and assurance for the old
The flame burns ever brighter
Each time the story’s told

Passin’ the faith along, passin’ the faith along

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