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Night Before Easter


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The night was so different from all of the rest,
A silence covers the earth.
The stars had no glimmer, the moon tries to hide.
For in death, lies the man of their birth.

In a room filled with sorrow, a mother is crying
For Jesus, her son, now is gone.
Her child sent from Heaven was taken away.
And heartbroken, she feels all alone.

At the feet of his mother, a little boy cries,
Saying, “Momma, I don’t understand.
I remember the love of love in His eyes
That I felt by the touch of His hand.”

The King of all Ages, the Giver of Life,
For a moment lies silent and still.
But then a power sent from Heaven
Came breaking the night.
And death must bow to His will.

Then the stone moves, the earth shakes,
The birds start singing.
The sun shines, the earth warms,
A new life is springing.
And the little boy stops crying
And his mother is smiling.
For death could not hold their King.
No, death could not hold their King.
Their King.

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