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Love And Grace


Print-Friendly Lyrics

The woman was surrounded by accusers
Every man was picking up a stone
Standing there in pride and pointing fingers
Claiming that her right to life was gone
Jesus made His way and knelt between them
Writing freedom’s message in the sand
When He reminded them there’s not a man without sin
You could see her start to smile again

Love and grace makes real the gospel message
Love and grace takes all the shame away
Love and grace breaks the heavy chains of bondage
Gives every heart a resting place
Love and grace sings a happy song of praises
Love and grace seems to brighten up the day

Love and grace brings us up to heavenly places
Just to know the debts been paid
And Heaven’s on the way
Makes the world a better place
Love and grace

Every day we represent the Master
With a chance to show His love within our hearts
By showing grace to a struggling brother
We give the one who fell another start
Knowing there is no one great among us
No one who should dare pick up a stone
If we’re gonna win this world to Jesus
It’ll be by love and grace alone

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