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Jesus And Me


Print-Friendly Lyrics

Walking down the lane, on a summer evening
Thinking about the good things in this life
Thinking about that day and the difference He made
And how I finally came to realize
All that really matters as far as I can see
Forever and ever, it’s Jesus and me

As we go down the road together
I know, come whatever, it will always be
Jesus and me
When I feel the warm sunrise
I know He’s by my side
Guiding me all the way home
It’s gonna be, Jesus and me
Talking about this life, talking about His love
What it really means to be a friend
Oh, there’s peace of mind in knowing
Yea, where I’ll be going, when at least I reach the long days’ end
Oh, till I reach that river and His face I see
I will keep on singing, it’s Jesus and me

Repeat Chorus

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