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It’s a city called, Homeland.
I can hear you calling me.
Oh, my Homeland.
Oh, how sweet it’s goin’ be.
Just to see you
And to stand upon His shore.
And know I’ll live there, forevermore.

You beckoned to my loved ones
And how my tears did flow.
And though I tried, I just could not hide
How it hurt to see them go.
Now I know that they left this world
And moved to a better place.
And someday soon You’ll call me, too
And I’ll see them face to face.

Repeat Chorus

This old world is a battlefield
And I’m tired of fightin’ here below.
Heaven waits for the pure and faithful.
Oh, how I long to go.
I can leave it all without a backward glance,
Settle down in a mansion grand.
And there I’ll be for eternity
In a city built by God’s hands.

Repeat Chorus twice

City called Homeland.

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