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Hallelujah Meeting


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Well won’t that be a Hallelujah Meetin’
When we step on the other side
With the saints of old standin’ with a greetin’
To welcome us across the tide.
We’ll lift glad hands together
Go shoutin’ all through the land
And when you think it’s just about ended
It’ll happen all over again.

Oh what a celebration
Forgettin’ where we’ve been
Now we’re on the top of Zion
Triumphant over sin
First the angels will start singin’
Their joybells will be ringing.
Then we’ll tour all over Heaven
When the saints go marchin’ in.

Well, I’ve been laughed at here for shoutin’
Since many long years ago
But I got more than religion
When Jesus saved my soul.
I got way-down deep salvation,
Like no mortal tongue can tell
And a standin’ invitation to a Hallelujah spell

Just when you think it’s all gonna end,
It’ll happen all over again.

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