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Don’t Let Me Lose Sight


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It crossed my mind again just how my life would be
Had the Father’s mercy not included me
I saw myself still drifting on a raging sea
Farther out from nowhere hurting endlessly
And turning back this page of time it all comes into view
I realize I’m nothing without You

Don’t let me lose sight of who You are
Lord, help me remember my life before You came
May I never forget Your sacrifice and Your pain
Don’t let me lose sight of who You are
My mind can’t comprehend the sacrifice You made
To redeem this hurting soul an awesome price was paid
You endured the suffering took all my shame
Faced the bitter agony as they mocked Your name
And when I look back to the cross I clearly see the truth
I know my life is worthless without You

With You my life will never be the same
Don’t let me lose sight of who You are

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