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Trails To Paradise (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)


Product Description


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  1. Can’t Be A Cowboy
  2. Don’t Fence Me In
  3. Up The Winding Trail
  4. At The End Of The Trail
  5. Trails To Paradise
  6. Round Up In The Sky
  7. Tumbleweed
  8. Cool Water
  9. Too Much To Gain To Lose
  10. Where No One Stands Alone

The American West has fascinated people for many years. Hollywood captured the adventure, excitement, and danger of the old West through its movie heroes such as The Lone Ranger, the singing cowboy Gene Autry, and the great Roy Rogers. The moral fiber of our nation at that time was much stronger. Parents never had to be concerned about their children watching these films. Entertainment for the American family was good and wholesome. This CD is our way to honor that period of our nation’s history.

*This is a digital download only. You will not receive a physical product.