“The Wildflower” & Michael’s CD

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Please, no Canadian nor International orders for the book.  

Vicki Booth is a remarkable woman …and not just because she lives with Michael and keeps her sanity!  Vicki has a story of her own to tell and she has shared her life in the book “The Wildflower”.  You will read of the challenges she has faced and her journey to accept who she is and Whose she is.  Vicki’s willingness to be honest and transparent about her life will serve as an inspiration not only to other “Wildflowers” but to all who turn the pages of this book.

Michael Booth, the award winning tenor of the Booth Brothers, has selected an incredible list of songs for his latest solo project. The lyrics are thought provoking and will challenge every Christian in his/her walk. The playful tune, “Daydream Believer” was a surprise to Michael’s wife, Vicki, who has loved this song for years. Christian, Michael and Vicki’s son, joined his Dad on that song as well as “Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery”. Listen for Christian’s beautiful tenor voice as you enjoy this latest CD from Michael.  If you would like to purchase the CD only, click HERE.