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The Booth Brothers…Crank It Up! Volumes 1 & 2 (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)


Product Description

Volume 1:

  1. Passing the Faith Along
  2. I’m Forgiven
  3. Hallelujah Meeting
  4. I Have An Anchor
  5. Lord, Do It Again
  6. Still Feeling Fine
  7. Testify
  8. Welcome To The Family
  9. Oh, What A Happy Day
  10. What A Morning

Volume 2:

  1. I’ll See You In the Rapture
  2. The River Keeps A-Rollin’
  3. I Played In The Band and Sang In The Choir
  4. Walkin’ On The Good Side
  5. I Still Believe In The Church
  6. Trading A Cross For A Crown
  7. Along Came Jesus
  8. The One That I Love
  9. This Is The Day
  10. All Over The World

The Booth Brothers are known for their smooth, easy sound but they are equally adept at singing songs that are up tempo and have a beat – without sacrificing any of their trademark harmony!  This 2-CD set of some of the guys’ previously recorded “movin’ and grovin'” songs will get your day started off in high gear or put an extra spring in your step as you exercise or go about your daily responsibilities.  So…reach for the volume button and “Crank It UP”!!

*This is a digital download only. You will not receive a physical product.