Songbook: Collection of Mosie Lister’s Songs


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This book includes many of Mosie’s greatest songs. Songs include: Beyond the Cross, Castles in the Sand, Love Through Me, Still Feeling Fine, and many more. This is a very popular songbook among our fans. The lead note and piano accompaniment are displayed on these songs. Notes for 4-part harmony are not included.  A sample of the songbook’s format is seen here.  Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Song Listing

*Sung by the Booth Brothers

Alleluia to the King
At the Crossing
At the Right Time*
Beyond the Cross*
Call Home*
Castles in the Sand*
Come and See the Man*
Coming Again
Give Your Voice to the Wind
God Is Able
God on the Cross
He Chose Me*
He Has Surely Borne Our Sorrow
He Has Time*
He Knows Just What I Need*
His Grace is Sufficient for Me*
Holy Lamb of God*
How Long Has it Been*
I Choose Jesus
I Was the One
I’m Feeling Fine*
I’ve Been Changed*
In the New Time
In the Secret Places
Into My World
Jesus, Come On In
Jesus, We Love You
Led by the Master’s Hand
Let His Love Give Your Heart a Song
Love Through Me
Love Was in the Room*
More and More
New Shoes*
Oh Lord, How Wonderful You Are*
One of His Own*
One of Your children Needs You, Lord
Prostate at His Feet
Restore My Soul*
Speak His Name
Still Feelin’ Fine*
Thank Him for the Miracle*
The Day of Miracles
The Gentle Stranger
The King and I
The Lord is in This Place
The Song Rolls On
The Way of the Cross
Led Me Home
Then I Met the Master*
This Love is Mine*
‘Til the Storm Passes By
When He Came
When the Mountains Sing Your Praise
Where No One Stands Alone*
While Ages Roll*
You Are My Song*



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