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Ron Booth Sr.


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Product Description

As you listen to this CD, you will be listening to Ron Booth Sr.’s best loved songs that were recorded while he sang with the Rebels Quartet back in the 60’s/70’s.  You will hear Ron’s tenor voice as he passionately paints a picture with each of these songs.  You will hear why Ron was known throughout gospel music as one of the top tenor singers in the gospel world.

Ron’s singing career started at age 13 but was interrupted in the 70’s when he left gospel music and went into private business.  To read Ron’s story of how he went from gospel music to alcoholism to singing gospel music again with his sons, Ronnie and Michael as the Booth Brothers, read his new book called Ron Booth Sr., God’s Grace.  You will read how God can take a devastated life, turn it around, and use it to His Glory.  Go HERE to purchase the book.


  1. The Night Before Easter
  2. A Hill Called Mount Calvary
  3. This Is My Valley
  4. This Love Is Mine
  5. Over The Moon
  6. God Will Take Care Of You
  7. Cheer The Weary Traveler
  8. I’ll Meet You In The Morning
  9. First Place