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Product Description


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  1. I’ve Never Been Out Of His Care
  2. Takin’ My Time
  3. This Love Is Mine
  4. In Our Old Age
  5. Jesus Saves – Tell The World Around Me
  6. Bloodstained Pages
  7. Simply I Love You
  8. The Secret Place
  9. Shine Jesus Shine
  10. Jesus Saves – The Blood Still Sings

If you have attended a Booth Brothers’ concert, you will know that Michael is quick-witted, and has never met a stranger. However, Michael’s solo CD introduces you to a different side of him. This CD is full of songs that are thought-provoking and each carries a message. The song, “I’ve Never Been Out Of His Care” assures us that God is with us all of the time and “The Secret Place” is already becoming a crowd favorite. This project shows Michael at his best and will minister to you every time you play it.

*This is a digital download only. You will not receive a physical product.