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“God’s Grace” & Ron Sr. CD


Product Description

No Canadian and International orders for this book please – To order Ron Booth Sr.’s book, “God’s Grace” , go to www. and order through them.   

A message from Ron and Priscilla Booth:

We want to let people hear first hand how God could take a broken life and turn it around to glorify Him. It’s embarrassing to reveal to the world what I allowed myself and my family to go through but if I don’t tell you, God does not get the glory of how He brought us through it. Most important we want you to know He can do the same for you and your family.

This book includes over 70 photos.  Ron and Priscilla will personalize every book purchased from this website.  Write the name of the person you would like the book addressed to in the “Order Notes” space under the “Billing Details” when you place the order.

Ron Sr re-recorded a CD of some of the most requested songs he sang with the Rebels Quartet back in the 60/70’s.  It is available as a set with this book as pictured here or separately in the Solo Category on this store or by clicking HERE.

Chapter Titles on the Book:

  1.    Going to Elim Home
  2.    Days of Drinking
  3.    It All Started Here
  4.    Moving to Detroit
  5.    Starting the Original Booth Brothers
  6.    Meeting & Marrying Priscilla
  7.    Toney Brothers Quartet
  8.    The Rebels Quartet
  9.    Backing up Elvis
  10.    What Next??
  11.    Second Generation Booth Brothers
  12.    Changes in Gospel Music
  13.    Our Children
  14.    Ronnie Lee Booth II
  15.    Melissa Ann Booth-Sims
  16.    Michael David Booth
  17.    Words from Priscilla
  18.    More Words from Priscilla
  19.    My Thoughts I Leave with You