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Ronnie Booth

Ronnie Lee Booth II was born in Detroit, Michigan, during the time that his dad, Ron, Sr, was singing with the Toney Brothers. Ronnie enjoyed singing from a very young age. He attended his dad’s concerts where he stood up in the seat and sang along with the music, using whatever object he could find for a microphone. When Ronnie was just two, his dad joined the Rebels Quartet based in Tampa, so the family packed up and moved to the state of Florida. At the age of five, Ronnie sang “The Night Before Easter” on the Rebels’ television program. It was just one year later when Ronnie asked the Lord to come into his heart and be his personal Savior.

Ronnie’s love for music and singing continued to grow and he joined the choirs in junior high, high school and at church. He was chosen to sing both as a soloist and in special groups. Ronnie submersed himself in a variety of musical styles and was able to absorb the best of all of them. With his smooth lead voice, he has the ability to sing many styles of music with great expertise. Ronnie loves to expand his mind by reading – especially books about finance and religious topics. He has been known to take numerous books on the road with him (especially on cruises) but will forget his socks!

Ronnie truly believes that God has entrusted him and the Booth Brothers to bring the gospel to those needing to hear about God’s gift of salvation. He relates: “Evangelism is very important to the Booth Brothers. We want people to understand their need to accept Christ as their personal Savior. We also feel that there is a need for God’s people to be encouraged and reminded that we aren’t Home yet. The Word of God is real and our best days are ahead of us!”

Ronnie, his wife Kim, and their children Amy, Jonathan, Ronnie Lee and Daniel make up the family. Amy, Jonathan, and Ronnie Lee are married and Ronnie and Kim are enjoying their three grandchildren.