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DVD: Live in Lakeland


Ronnie Booth, Michael Booth, Jim Brady, Jack Schuler, Nick Bruno



Live in Lakeland was recorded live in 2003 at our Homecoming at Victory Church in Lakeland, Florida.

Jack Schuler, Melissa Brady's dad, is playing the guitar, and Nick Bruno on piano.


    1. Eternity There
    2. Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
    3. Beyond the Cross
    4. I'll Leave it all Behind
    5. Go Ahead and Shout
    6. Light from Heaven
    7. All I Want
    8. Just Beyond the River Jordan
    9. Watercolour Ponies
    10. Still Feellin' Fine
    11. Buy Me a Rose
    12. Castles in the Sand (Bonus Footage)
    13. Glory to God in the Highest (Bonus Footage)
    14. Home Where I Belong (Bonus Footage)
    15. While Ages Roll (Bonus Footage)
    16. I Found a New Friend (Bonus Footage)