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Best of the Booth Brothers CD


Ronnie Booth, Michael Booth, Jim Brady



This musical scrapbook features songs from The Best of the Booth Brothers DVD with Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth and Jim Brady.

The Best of the Booth Brothers DVD is also available!


    1. The River Keeps A-Rollin’ from Jerusalem
    2. Livin’ For The Moment from Love Can Turn The World
    3. If We Never Meet Again from Amazing Grace
    4. Love Was In The Room from Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 2
    5. Then I Met The Master from the Thanksgiving Taping
    6. He Saw It All from Live From Toronto
    7. All Over The World from Count Your Blessings
    8. Castles In The Sand from Rocky Mountain Homecoming
    9. Still Feelin’ Fine from Freedom Band
    10. Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet from S. African Homecoming
    11. Thank Him For The Miracle from Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1
    12. Without The Lord from Homecoming Picnic
    13. Sail On from the Thanksgiving Taping
    14. Above The Moon – Studio C
    15. Since Jesus Came from the Tent Revival Taping
    16. Testify from Live From Toronto
    17. Amazing Grace from Amazing Grace
    18. Through It All from Canadian Homecoming
    19. In Christ Alone from Tent Revival Homecoming