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Songbook/Demo CD: Statement of Faith





Lari Goss arranged and orchestrated ten songs that we know choirs around America will be excited to sing. The Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy V, and The Hoppers have each contributed two songs they sing to this collection. These arrangements have touched the hearts of people everywhere these groups have sung. The narration of the “Statement of Faith” is a highlight that proclaims what we believe. We have a limited amount of these items in stock and are selling them at a discounted price.

If ordering more than five (5) songbooks/CDs, please call the office at 1-866-722-6684.

See the corresponding soundtrack CD.


    1. Victory Shall Be Mine
    2. I Still Believe in the Church
    3. East of Jerusalem
    4. God Did It All
    5. Been to the Bottom
    6. It Pays to Pray
    7. Precious Old Book
    8. Newborn Feeling
    9. 'Til We Meet Again
    10. Statement of Faith