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Songbook: Collection of Mosie Lister Songs


Mosie Lister



This book includes 56 of Mosie's greatest songs. Songs include: Beyond the Cross, Castles in the Sand, Love Through Me, Still Feelin Fine, and many more. This is a very popular songbook among our fans. 

The lead note and piano accompaniment are displayed on these songs. Notes for 4-part harmony are not included. 

Song Listing

*Sung by the Booth Brothers

Alleluia to the King
At the Crossing
* At the Right Time
* Beyond the Cross
* Call Home
* Castles in the Sand
Come and See the Man
Coming Again
* Freedom
Give Your Voice to the Wind
God Is Able
God on the Cross
* He Chose Me
He Has Surely Borne Our Sorrow
* He Has Time
* He Knows Just What I Need
* His Grace is Sufficient for Me
Holy Lamb of God
* How Long Has it Been
I Choose Jesus
I Was the One
* I’m Feeling Fine
* I’ve Been Changed
In the New Time
In the Secret Places
Into My World
Jesus, Come On In
Jesus, We Love You
Led by the Master’s Hand
Let His Love Give Your
Heart a Song
Love Through Me
* Love Was in the Room
More and More
* New Shoes
* Oh Lord, How Wonderful
You Are
* One of His Own
One of Your children Needs
You, Lord
Prostate at His Feet
* Restore My Soul
Speak His Name
* Still Feelin’ Fine
* Thank Him for the Miracle
The Day of Miracles
The Gentle Stranger
The King and I
The Lord is in This Place
The Song Rolls On
The Way of the Cross
Led Me Home
* Then I Met the Master
* This Love is Mine
‘Til the Storm Passes By
When He Came
When the Mountains Sing
Your Praise
* Where No One Stands Alone
* While Ages Roll
* You Are My Song